Making a will not only gives you peace of mind knowing who will benefit from your estate when you die and who will look after your children should you die when they are young, but it can also reduce the risk of claims against your estate, disputes arisng on your death and reduce tax liabilities.

We offer a comprehensive Will drafting service to our clients. We understand that every family is unique and their concerns, priorities and objectives are at the heart of the advice we offer in order that they leave their estate, whether large or small, to their chosen beneficiaries in the most efficient manner. 


Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to give someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf. Many people put off making a Lasting Power of Attorney because they think they are only relevant for older clients. However, none of us know when an accident or illness might occur that could leave us incapable, either mentally or physically, of managing our own affairs. No one has the legal right to look after your financial matters, or make decisions about your health and welfare, unless you have appointed them as your attorney.


Administration of Estates

We can assist you in effectively administering the estate of a loved one. Dealing with the administration of an estate single-handedly can be overwhelming for some, particularly when overcoming the grief that losing a loved one can cause. We can help.

We appreciate the importance of dealing effectively with the administration of your loved one's estate and we can assist you in ensuring their wishes are carried out in the most efficient manner.